To Clean Dishwasher

Need to get bottle of Glisten or Lemi Shine – these are what you call D‐Scaler – one bottle per dishwasher – if you have a Fisher Paykel dish drawer – one for top drawer, one for bottom drawer. All other brands: one for each – read the directions on bottle or box.

Front load washers Cleaning Process

Use a product called AFFRESH and follow directions on package. There are two different types. One is with cleaning tablets only and the other is with cleaning tablets and wipes. The cleaning wipes are good for cleaning the inner door and door boot (gasket). When not using front load washer, prop door to keep odor from building up in machine.

To Clean Dishes

1. Any powder detergent – ½ tsp + ½ tsp Glass Magic made by Finish (which you can purchase from Ace Hardware or Amazon.com)


2. One (1) tablet of Quantum – when using on Fisher Paykel dish drawer – place in silverware basket

3. Asko recommends to also use white vinegar – place this inside Jet Dry housing

Dryer Vent Cleaning

Call Dryer Wizards for Vent Cleaning. Let them know you were referred by A-nova Appliance and you will receive a discount on the service.

To remove odor from garbage disposal to dishwasher:

1st product – go to hardware store & ask for disposal cleaner


Go to grocery store & get Tang (what astronauts drink) & don’t worry the orange color won’t stain your dishes. This is recommended by Fisher Paykel & Viking customer service.

We Offer

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